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Michael Fagans April 14, 2011, 5:29 p.m. permalink


Nice piece. I have more conversation questions than critique.

First off, as with any "after" the event project, how do we as journalists tell the story in a visual way, in this case of an event that happened in 2003?

While I really like the title "recuerdo" with the subhead, the poem quote you choose didn't seem to tie in directly to the story other than it was a poem posted on the terminal. Am I missing more of the the connection?

I was also curious why there was no video interview of Kathy Healy or even a still her or still of she and her husband? In one sense it works in this piece, not seeing them because we are not seeing the event either, but I am curious about your thought process. I also wonder why you focused on just one family and not the other ten impacted?

I like the stills included in the piece, but I wonder if those could have been video clips just as well as stills? I am hoping you could elaborate on the thought process there. If you haven't noticed, folks get in to debates about still video mixes on the site.

I really like how you returned to the overhead ferry/water clip(s). That was a very successful solution that provided a sense of movement, hinted at the passage of time as well as permanence and impermanence of life. My only critique is that the fade was so abrupt at the 3:20 mark. I am sure that you did it on purpose to sync with the audio and I could live with the cut, but to cut back hard to the shot was distracting for me, would have preferred at least a fade back in.

The last area of conversation I had was that there seemed to be times that you used layers or filters and I was curious about the thought process behind using them and when and why? The layering effect was particularly interesting but I am curious what you were intending to communicate with that.

In the end I really like this piece. Most of these questions are intended to spark conversation and help other folks understand the thought process behind your work. I look forward to seeing your next project.

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Andrew Maclean April 16, 2011, 3:40 p.m. permalink

Hey Michael,

I certainly appreciate the feedback and the points you brought up are the same conflicts I've dealt with since I first made the piece.

I used the "Recuerdo" poem more as a tie to the fact that millions of people take these ferries to and from work each year and that at any moment something like this accident could happen. Also the fact that it means "memory" was to point to the purpose of the story.

I wanted to interview Kathy but she chose not to be interviewed on person (also the reason for the poor-quality audio as it was recorded during a phone call) and she also didn't want photos of herself, her husband or her children. This obviously left me in the position of coming up with visuals for the piece which led me to the more symbolic shots. Also the reason for the layered video, I did that to convey a sort of dream-like, past-tense visual to mix with her story.

I wasn't able to find any quality video of the accident and felt that given it happened several years ago, the photos also added to the historical nature of the story.

The black cut at the 3:20 mark is my own creative addition I suppose. I've heard similar critiques but I put it in as she mentions her children find out their father was killed.

Thanks for the critique. I really really appreciate it and definitely will remember these things as I continue making projects. Thanks again!

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