Sacramento Homeless Camp Eviction (view this story)

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Colin Mulvany Jan. 18, 2012, 9:51 p.m. permalink

Andrew, nice job on this news video. You told  the story in the right amount of time and I felt it was fair and balanced with multiple voices shaping the story.  It is good to see a one-day turn news video on FtF. I know a lot of journalists are shooting it--most of it not so good. Your clean edit and good journalism made this video very watchable and informative. 

I was impressed by your audio from the Sennheiser MKE 400 mic. I have avoided using mine because I thought it wouldn't be decent in noise environments. But you give me reason to try my 400 again. 

Your Canon 7D footage looks great, You give the viewer a variety of wide, medium and tight shots. I did wish some of your shots were more stable. i know that DSLR video is a bitch to hand-hold and that sometimes a tripod just gets in the way. I'm curious if you were using image stabilization with your 24-105mm lens? I just started shooting with the Nikon equivalent 24-120 mm f/4 and find the IS coupled with a Zacuto finder  works wonders for hand-held footage. 

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Andrew Nixon Jan. 18, 2012, 10:45 p.m. permalink

Thanks, Colin.  The one-day turnaround thing can be tricky, but my editor let me devote the whole day to it.  It's just a matter of a tight workflow and staying organized once I get back to the office. I made a typo in the FtF description: this was shot in 2011, not 2008. Oops!

As for the mic, I try to use my Zoom h4n and its on-board mic as much as possible, but the MKE 400 is a good tool for this situation.  I find outdoors on the 7D and the 5D it sounds fine if you get close to the subject, so I'm doing the interviews at 24mm on the 7D.  I use the 7D mainly so there is a little less lens distortion when doing that, and so I can get a little more reach for detail shots using the 24-105.

I've been hand-holding the camera with the IS on, and recently I've changed my posture a bit to get less shakiness.  As for the viewfinder, I actually stop recording and refocus using the live-view mode zoomed into 5x, re-focus, and start recording again.

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