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Eric Seals May 12, 2010, 5:48 p.m. permalink


For a three hour shoot, edit and publish I thought you did a good job with this. That can be hard to shoot on the fly then go back and edit.

I can tell Andre loves to do this, you capture that well and it really comes out in his face, his tone and the overall feel of the video

I like that you went tight, had details (feet, the ipod at the beginning) some birds eye view and a little bit wide but I would of love to have seen more wide angle like shooting across the gym onto the class to see the size or the line of students and dance instructors dancing in unison etc.

To help plan things out for when you have a quick turn around or any video for that matter I've learned from others to do a pre-interview the day before if possible so you can visualize or storyboard in your head or on paper what you are looking for to tell and the questions you want to get answers for.
You could call Andre and find out as much as you can about him, why he does it, info about the class, the amount of students, the surroundings etc. All this will help you narrow things down when you are shooting and asking those questions in a quick turn around environment.

I notice the audio for Andre and Vanessa was a bit to low, Were you not close enough with the 7D to pick them up or your audio levels were below -12? I don't use a 7D and don't know if you can adjust in camera or not.

You asked a good question TJ, "would putting students voice in distract from the simple process story?" I'd say no, ask away. I like hearing from Andre and would have gotten ride of Vanessa and gone with a young and old student to find out why they are taking this class, etc. You never know man, some might be doing it for extra credit or some guy wants to impress a girl or get ready for the prom. Any fun element or answer to that could help move along the piece.

I thought salsa was the dance but mambo is the dance, salsa is the music.

You made it look like it would be a fun class to take!


Rep: 444
Eric Seals May 12, 2010, 5:52 p.m. permalink

I forgot to add TJ that while the salsa music was good to have in the piece it sometimes got in the way with what Andre and Vanessa were saying.
Bringing it down some when they are talking and then back up for the b-roll etc of the mambo would help.


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