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Chuck Fadely May 23, 2010, 9:31 p.m. permalink

I'm not at all worthy to critique a piece like this, but I'll try anyway.

If one were to make a checklist of how to shoot a story, you've done it all:
Great character. Check.
Scene setting shots. Check.
Sequences with wide/med/tight. Check.
Nat pops. Check.
Different angles and perspectives. Check.
Great script and narration. Check.
Technically great shots and sound. Check.
Fast pacing. Check.

This is a terrifically executed story on an engaging and interesting person.

For anyone starting out this is like a textbook of techniques you can use in visual storytelling. Every frame of this piece has something to learn from... it's amazing.

But you're not someone just starting out.... so I get to rag on you a bit: I think maybe this is a story where all those techniques you brought to bear get in the way of the story, rather than helping it. I was aware of the photographer throughout this piece... All the crossing-axis phone pad shots; all the one word or one phrase sound bites; all the rapid fire edits.... those are all techniques one uses to build up to something. I kept waiting to get to the meat of the story. I wanted to hear her tell me why I should care enough to hire her. I wanted some insight on why she wasn't living in a tent city. Where's her family? I wanted some emotional connection with her that I never got. She needed to say something profound and then have some breathing room to savor it.

You served up a tremendous Sunday buffet of all the trimmings of your story.... but I felt like the main course was not fully cooked.

My comments are directed at the story structure on a higher plane. I'm talking about seeing the forest when you've delivered on the trees. (The techniques and edit were solid... except for one little thing that bugged me: the guy in the overalls, a great character, kept reappearing when time had obviously passed. I know he was too good to let go of, but it was another instance where I was aware of the photog and not the story.)

I wish I had your mad skills in shooting. I wish I could cut a piece word-by-word and make it flow. Great job. But the story is everything - make me care.

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Peter Huoppi May 24, 2010, 6:46 p.m. permalink

First of all, what I like:
-The editing technique and pacing are fantastic. I was never bored, which is a common problem with pieces of this length.
-This is a story that needs to be told, and you found a fantastic character through which to tell it. By letting me get to know her and to care about her, I start to identify with her and feel for her. This does a lot more than sitting at an anchor desk and reading unemployment numbers to me.
-Sounds. Clearly you know what you're doing here, because there was natural sound to carry me through the entire piece.

Here's what I didn't like:
-The editing and the technique. While I love the quick cuts, after 8 minutes, I started to feel a bit dizzy. At some point, I wanted to take a breath and hear something more than a quick blast of one sentence.
-Too much unrelated material. It was a full minute before I even met your main character. The music provides nice thematic bookends, but the story is about Simmjaze, not the musicians or the panhandler. I was fascinated by the trip to the tent city, but but it came and went so quickly, I was left wondering what happened.

Like Chuck said, I wish I could shoot and edit like this. But for a story of this length, as a viewer I'd like the pace to relax at some point and hear the subject speak from her heart without all the quick cuts.

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Pat Shannahan May 28, 2010, 6:18 p.m. permalink

That was great. You really made me feel for Simmjaze. I gotta know, did she get a job after the story aired?

I love the way you shoot. The editing was well done but I agree with above that it could have used a little breathing room. I would have liked to get to her story sooner. I think you could have gotten to her in half the time and made the story better.

Really nice storytelling. Thanks for sharing it.

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