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Eric Seals May 24, 2010, 8:29 a.m. permalink

Hi Ryan,
I've always love Slam sessions so was excited to watch this.

I liked the mix of the Merlyn the Slam organizer going in and out with the Slam artists, it helped move the story along for me although I think you showed Merlyn a bit to much.

As for the visuals, Slam can be such as visual experience with the artists getting into especially with body language. I wanted to see more video of them expressing themselves and I thought from the beginning with Michael Moore I would have.

I'd love to have seen an overall of the room where this was happening in to give me a sense of place and more stuff of the crowd enjoying it.

I wanted to hear more natural sound from this as well so I could feel like I was there. The crowd responding to a great Slam with claps, noises, yelling etc.

I enjoyed listening to the poetry but the audio made it seem distance and I wasn't feeling the vibe from the artists. Not sure if the shotgun level was turned up enough or perhaps the room was just too large to get good audio with a shotgun. It would have taken more work from you but if you have or had a Sennheiser lav and mic'd up several artists that would have helped. I know it's a very fluid situation but having great audio can make or break a piece.

It's a good story to tell you just need more emotion in the piece with visuals and audio so we feel it.


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Ryan Rivet May 24, 2010, 9:46 a.m. permalink

Thanks for the review. I truly appreciate the feedback. I was hoping that the Slam would be more interactive with the crowd reacting to the poets more, for some reason, there wasn't much of that. I definitely see your point about getting the crowd reaction in the is lacking in that regard.

having a lav mic would have been a much better option, I just don't have one in my bag presently.

All good notes...thanks again.

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