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Kevin Wellenius May 29, 2010, 6:39 a.m. permalink

Well, I figured this piece had languished in the Story Pool long enough. It raises three good questions. First, why would anyone go on a Snuggie Pub Crawl? Second, why would someone do a multimedia piece on it? Third, why would someone watch it?

I can't answer the first or third questions, but perhaps the reason to cover an event like this is that it's good practice. Nobody is apprehensive about access -- you don't walk around in a Snuggie if you value your privacy -- it involves lots of people who know each other so your presence won't disrupt things, and if the end product is mediocre, nobody will feel let down after trusting you with their very personal story. For people looking for low-stakes situations to learn or experiment with new techniques or gear, something like this is perfect.

As for the piece itself, I'm not sure I'd ever click on it, and if I did, I'd want to learn pretty early on why I should watch the whole thing. Who organized this? Why? I appreciate that it was done tongue in cheek, with lower thirds humor to match, but it's still stuck somewhere between not being interesting and not being funny.

Now, if a Snuggie bar brawl had broken out, that wold have been good.

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