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Eric Seals Feb. 7, 2012, 6:19 p.m. permalink


Wonderful job on this series.  We about it many months ago and sorry it's been languishing at the bottom of the story pool. I was waiting for someone else to review it.

Loved the access you had, the lighting and shooting basketball with your 5D was impressive.  I find doing sports coming in and away from you hard with that camera but you've mastered it.

You audio was top notch and your selection of music was right on point.

Your shooting style, taking risks on the floor and up above really paid off with the Fisher's Five.

Just goes to show the persistance and dedication to your craft really paid off not only for you but more importantly for the readers and viewers of your newspaper and perhaps even for SDSU. They'll remember what a great job you did and hopefully they'll remember you as setting the mark for others to do similar and other stories on their team in the future.



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