Survivor is pretty in pink (view this story)

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Tony Overman May 3, 2010, 11:15 p.m. permalink

It has a nice pace to it. The opening clip was great audio, grabbed us right away and showed you how spunky this lady is. I really liked your voiceover "survived twice" line. It raised a question in my mind and then she answered it..."survived the 80s"..and that was funny.
Loved the shots of her daughter watching, the tight shot of her with pink hair and her daughter's face to right, the daughter's tears, the close up of her pink hair getting rinsed (I would have liked to see that second or two longer).
I wanted to see more details and maybe some super-details. The medium shots were great, but would have benefited with a greater mix.
At one point you have a lower-third that says "Toni & Guy April 20, 2010" that confused me. I'm still not sure what that was referring to.
Nice, lively story.

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