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Colin Mulvany Sept. 1, 2014, 10:29 p.m. permalink

Grant, This is a very nice profile of the diving coach. She has a strong personality, which is great for a video story like this. The coach says so many great things, which keeps me engaged until the end.

Some suggestions for improvement I could make is maybe look at the beginning where the edit seems a bit choppy. Cutting back to Julie after the fourth time, is unneeded. I already know what she looks and sounds like. I do like seeing her when she says "brain o' pain." That is a gold coin. Your audio, both natural and interview, is clean. 

I like the iPhone underwater footage, it adds some visual variety at just the right times. I like how you cut to the parents looking out the windows, but a bit of nat sound of them talking about what is happening in the pool would have been gold just before the interview with on the mom. Grant, also think about your tight shots. A hand on the grip of the loop before a medium shot of of a kid dive through it... a tight shot of terror on a kids face... they make great transitions between the wide and medium shots. If you have the camera on a tripod, try shooting a wide shot of a scene for ten seconds, then zoom in for a medium for ten seconds, and  if possible, go for the tight shot. This will make editing so much smoother and quicker.

I see a lot of growth in this video Grant. Your editing has improved and your story has a strong narrative that is edited well. High fives!

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Grant Blankenship Sept. 3, 2014, 7:33 a.m. permalink

Thanks, Colin. I tried to work the focal lengths pretty hard to break up the visual rhythm. Like that opening shot...that was 200mm. For whatever reason I hadn't really taken the time to use that before.  I do need to double down on really making the most out of the wide-medium-tight shots. I had that advice in mind working on a shoot yesterday and I think it paid off well. I finally got a wireless lav (!!!) so I am pretty excited about maybe finding it easier to get subjects really on mic from here on out. I hope in the next month or so to have at least one other nice piece to show. As always, thanks for the knowledge!

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