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Michael Fagans June 12, 2012, 9:44 p.m. permalink

Sarah: Nice work.

I thought I would ask some questions this time.

First, did they win the big game?

Why did you use the technique you used at the 45 second mark? I am assuming stills, but there are some other ways you might have done it. What was the thought process behind your decision?

How did you find mixing the HVR-A1U and D2H formats? Would you stick with one format next time? Which was easier to shoot the sports action with?

I really liked the soundtrack you floated behind the piece. It ties things together nicely. How did you find it? How long did it take? Did you think of dropping the music from time to time, or below the crowd noise?

Definitely see growth in your work, your shooting and storytelling. Looking forward to the next one.

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Sarah Welliver June 17, 2012, 2:27 p.m. permalink

Hi Michael,

The Bobcats beat Myrtle Beach 21-7 and made it to Clemson for state but lost 42-27. It was rough. 

It was halfway through the season when I decided I wanted to do a story on the team. The plan was to cover every game up to state. That was scrapped mainly because our sports reporter believed they would lose to Myrtle Beach, but also because it was an away game and I wasn't able to go. So it turned into a preview piece before Myrtle Beach. I took stills I had shot from the games earlier in the season and tried to show highlights of their winning season up to that point time-lapse style. 

Shooting video of sports is something I'm still getting the hang of. Usually because of time and the number of high schools we have in our coverage area it isn't something my paper has done a lot. I'm still playing around with doing more sports multimedia work. So D2H, hands down. 

I don't have issue with using both in the piece, but I think if it had been planned out better rather than an after thought I might have done a few things differently. Resize the pics first of all ,and maybe eased into it with a few scene setting 6 second stills from the games. I got a lot of comments where it was confusing, people wondered why the video was jerky. 

What were your thoughts on how it could have been done differently?

 We actually now have Nikon D7000s so I am having a ton of fun shooting video and stills on that.

I found the music on Jamendo, It's a mostly free music library, depending on what the individual artists CC terms are. I

 kept the music audible throughout because I just felt it flowed better that way, especially when it's a real collage of scenes and differing background noises. I do see what you're saying though and think that dropping it below the crowd more would have been good. One thing I wish I had captured more of was the cheering from the stands. 

Thank you for the review! 

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