The Uprising of 20,000: A Labor Revolt In New York City (view this story)

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Michael Lloyd Aug. 8, 2010, 1:01 p.m. permalink

Nice example of using narration effectively. Would have been very difficult to rely on just the interviews to tell this story. I also appreciate these stories for making a seemingly non-visual story work. History has already happened. Unlike the video pieces on high impact, action subjects (which are naturals for the medium), this piece used archival stills and a few portraits only. Most of the time to good effect. I like subtle motions effects on stills, but this might have overdone it a bit. Frontline is my favorite example of how to use stills in video. A little more variety in editing and effect techniques will help (ex.-hard cuts to details in the images, faster zooms and slow pull backs on the same shot, no motion at all—let the mood of the shot determine the effect).

Nate has a good voice and only once did he put himself into the story, "he met me in the lobby." I don't care, let's just hear from the subject.

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