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Eric Seals April 9, 2012, 12:06 p.m. permalink

Hi Billy,

Quite the undertaking by you with the time lapse and 20,000 images so props for that man!

Idea, plan and execution.  I love your idea for this a time lapse of two very different events but it wasn't as effective (plan, execution) for me as I thought it was going to be.

Liked how you bookended the time lapse but for continuity I would of loved to have seen both from the same view and even make it shorter. 

The music selections (except for the middle parts) got to be to much for the ears to be honest.

That constant rhythm at the start up to :48 seconds just didn't match. 
I get that you perhaps you were trying to show the frantic, fast paced action going on down below and picked fast paced music to match but another choice of music or better yet having some natural sound would have really helped.

Good nat sound would of helped me hear what's going on and felt a part of it. The start sound of the trucks doing their jobs, the roar of engines as they give the trucks gas to move, the beep-beep backup noise of back hoes, the sounds of workers talking, giving orders. Things like that. 

On the other end with the Spurs time lapse, simliar things as the start but even take it a step further and plan it out. Go to a Spurs game just to record audio from the baseline to get the bounce of the ball, squeaking of shoes, whistles of the ref, sound of the players etc.  
Check out this video by photographer Keith Loutit. While he only uses music like you did the music really matches the action going on in the time lapse.   Granted he did tilt shift time lapse but my point is his idea, plan and execution made me feel when watching his piece.
Here it is, called Metal Heart, a Monster Truck event (let me know what you think)  


The middle part had some really nice stills from you and the staff but it felt like the fast pace of this nice stuff done to match the time lapse at the start and end didn't give me time to appreciate enough what was going on. At times it also felt jarring and abrupt. When you'd suddenly stop on a still after taking me on a fluttering of pictures and that dead stop with a fast zoom in just felt out of place.

Curious what was the hardest or most challenging part of doing this shooting the time lapse or all the editing? 


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