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Phil Carpenter Feb. 26, 2012, 2:57 p.m. permalink

Hi James.
Overall I think the piece was really well shot - good mix of wide and close-ups, great variety of camera angles, the details of people with tears, the bare feet and good short clips that kept it moving.  Effective editing overall!

I really liked the use of the singing to introduce the piece - it drew me in right away. The "Crucify Him" sound up was really effective as well. 

It was just the right length, I thought.  Also liked how you handled the subtitles - perfect font size and colour!  It was easy to read without being distracting.  Well done, sir! 

Just a couple things:
I would've liked to have seen the source of the singing right after the Union-Tribune "bumper at the beginning.  Let the singing run for a couple more seconds to help cement the atmosphere, then begin the narration. 

Would've been nice, I think, if you had used more nat sound where you have breaks in the narration, (00:42 - 00:46 for eg.) to punctuate the piece.  There was some GREAT sound - at 00:24 where the cloth hits the wood, at 00:29 where the "soldier" yells as he whips "christ, and at 01:11 where the soldier laughs out.  All that good sound was kinda lost beneath the narration, and I think they could've been used as sound breaks. 

Also wondering if you could've interviewed the woman speaking English, or another English speaker for the narration.  As much as I think you handled the subtitling well, I think it would've been better to have had an English narration, even yours.

That said, I liked the piece!  Congrats, bud!

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James Gregg Feb. 28, 2012, 6:33 p.m. permalink

Thanks for taking the time to review this piece, Phil!


If I can remember correctly, there were many parts of this piece that I wish I could have used natural sound more and tone down the interview.

I use a Juiced Link every once in a while and for the most part, have good results.  This time I had a lot of problems with it.  I think it is because of radio signals being different in Tijuana.  I could hear most of the sound fine, but got overlapping interference like electronic pops and repeated beeping, so I dropped more than I wanted to.  I may give it a shot again this year, I have always enjoyed the living stations of the cross.


Thanks again!



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Phil Carpenter March 3, 2012, 2:42 p.m. permalink

Oh thanks for sharing, James!

Take care. 

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