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Michael Lloyd June 21, 2010, 9:15 p.m. permalink

A nice story that could have been structured in a more interesting way. I loved the opening shot with the seat belt, but was immediately brought down by the doctor interview that came next. Let's see the extraordinary family and establish them first, then get into science. Or not. This is about the people and I wanted to see more of their lives. Loved the moments telling the doctor she wants her tubes tied. Not being able to pass dishes at dinner, skin itches because it is stretching, etc. Move it up to the front, leading to the inevitable birth stuff. Too bad about the hospital being difficult. Would have loved seeing something of the waiting room at least. It's pretty abrupt to go from being at home to carrying newborns.

Clearly shaping what the story is and how to tell it, especially with a good editor, or anyone who hasn't been intimately involved with the subjects, might have helped this take shape a little differently.

Mike Lloyd

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Julia Xanthos June 22, 2010, 7:41 a.m. permalink

As she was going into labor I was not allowed in the hospital. No access. A story about babies without a hospital scene you ask? This was a great learning experience piece for me on how to make chicken salad out of chicken ...
I decided to try to tell a story with the footage I had rather than just scrap it. Because thats what I felt like doing actually, totally scrapping it. The hospital PR decided to invite media to a press conference at the hospital. The family allowed me to go to their home for a few minutes on their return home.
I decided to use comic relief with my difficult edit. I was in no way laughing though :)
Thank you for your feedback Michael Lloyd!

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