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Michael Fagans July 6, 2010, 5:53 p.m. permalink


We seem to have no Portuguese speakers on “staff” so I will
give this critique a go with the caveat that I can only analyze the visual
aspects of the video.

I understand that this is a “day in the life” video, but
that does not mean that you have to show everything. There was some really nice
b-roll just before the 5-minute mark that really helped drive things forward.

Some things that stood out: there was a lot of driving and
talking, the hand-held was at times distracting for me and it was a very long
into before we got to see his face at the one-minute mark. I would have loved
to see a tighter sequence of some of the many things he did that day in 5-30
seconds with a VO (voice over).

I think you could have edited his speaking to remove the
“ums” and “ahhs” of normal speaking, but then you might have needed more

This to me was a video where you could have used some
narration to “set the table” for us. One of the debates we have at my
organization is whether or not a video needs to be self-contained, i.e. does
all the information, title, narration need to be in the video itself, or can
some information be title and summary in HTML or on the web. This is one debate
that I do not think we as visual journalists have reached consensus on.

I would love to hear anyone who speaks Portuguese provide
insight and additional critique for this video.

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