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Michael Fagans June 30, 2010, 2:58 p.m. permalink


Thanks for covering this important story in Malawi.

I will weigh-in on the blurring, but I am hoping that other people will provide their insight as well.

For me the blurring does not work as executed. I understand your desire to protect your subject’s identity, and I agree that you should, I just do not find it effective to blur the entire frame and it was really hard on my eyes.

Having traveled and photographed in Malawi I am very aware of their cultural mores and I have been following this story in bits and pieces so I really appreciated being able to hear these two men speak in their own voice.

As with most video on FtF, I think you could have used more B-roll and I would have really liked an interview with a clergy member or government official to go a little deeper into the piece.

I liked the way you broke up the couple’s interview, your use of the newspapers and the fact that you told this story.

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Ruud Elmendorp June 30, 2010, 10:13 p.m. permalink


Thanks for this.

I struggled with making them unrecognizable. First I considered interviewing them from the back, but then there is not expression at all. Then I could have blurred a smaller area, but that takes a lot of time do get it right. Also because of time constraints I decided to take the whole frame. The same time limits prevented me from getting a comment from a clergy or government official.

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