Voluntown Honors Fallen Marine Tyler Griffin (view this story)

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Colin Mulvany May 1, 2010, 9:17 p.m. permalink

This video looks like a long sequence from the middle of a story. It has good sequencing using a variety of wide, medium and tight shots. The natural sound is decent, but nothing really jumps out. I liked that you used a tripod for most if the shots. Steady video looks so much better in telephoto shots. I like how you shot a wide of a scene then cut to a tight shot with that same scene. Very effective.

I am always on the fence with a video like this. It doesn't have the traditional storytelling components like a beginning, middle and end, nor is there conflict and a resolution.

What you rely on here is strong visuals to show a community’s response to the loss of one of their own. Not being from your state, I am not familiar with the story. I did not have an emotional response that I might have if you had crafted a narrative to go with what is essentially B-roll.

A video like this tends to do well with online viewers when combined with the print story. It gives the readers of the story a quick visual view of what happened without the time commitment of a full narrative piece. My guess is that it got a decent number of page views.

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Tony Overman May 3, 2010, 6:42 p.m. permalink

I think these kinds of videos are important for maintaining a local vision in your community. I have seen the still photos from this event, and read the stories, so I liked that this doesn't have to recreate all of that. This video is a snapshot of small part of the big event in your town, and takes readers there in a way that still photos and the written word can't.
I like the chattiness of the introduction, then the power in the quietness when the procession passes through.
I would like to hear someone's thoughts about what they are about to witness, or just witnessed. I see the crying and hugging, feel the power of the moment, but don't get to hear it expressed.
The mic'd audio of the set-up was really nicely done, but seemed too shallow...didn't take me anywhere. I guess I needed some more voices of the people coming to view this...why it was important to them to be out there.

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