Weather, in a hurry (view this story)

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Colin Mulvany April 28, 2010, 8:18 a.m. permalink

I like the creative use of narrative Chuck. Yes this video is worth doing if your viewership is responding to it. A video like this has news value, especially if you can turn it in a short amount of time.

I wanted to say something about sequencing this video more and use of tight shots, but I realized you never left your car. Understandable. Video cameras and water don't mix. I can see, though, that a visual person shot this video, which helped keep me interested and engaged until the end. Music worked by giving warmth to the robot voiceover.

What I like about a video is that it shows you are willing to try something different.

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Peg Achterman April 28, 2010, 4:37 p.m. permalink

Yes, I like the computer-ese narrative too. I think maybe making it more clear that you didn't leave the car? Otherwise it made me impatient that the shots of people were all the same focal length. I desperately wanted to hear those women in the yellow ponchos. I wasn't as enamored with the music -- rain, splashing, all of that just takes me there and I think I would have rather have heard that. You guys get big weather -- hoping you can get out in it with some rain gear for the camera. I think you'll bring many viewers on the weather stuff if you get up close with real people -- you all do so well with that in your stills - just get in there with the vid too!

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Peter Huoppi May 2, 2010, 11:24 a.m. permalink

Yes these videos are worth doing. Your audience is sitting indoors at a computer wondering what's it like to be out there. I like the device of using the weather radio (maybe a visual to show where the voice is coming from) but I really dislike the music. I generally don't like music in news videos, and this music really sounds canned to me. If the point of the video is to give people the experience of being out in the weather, give me the natural sound, even if it's just the rain drops falling on your windshield. Otherwise a good daily video.

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Tony Overman May 3, 2010, 6:12 p.m. permalink

I liked the narrative, although it went on a little long for me. It could have been shorter.
I think you've got a great selection of shots of the rain. I was bothered by what seemed like the same shot appearing again (the first two shots of cars going through the flooded parking lot), so the video started off redundant. Maybe they just needed to be farther apart. But the variety of b-roll shots really picked up after that, which I liked.
I was immediately turned off by the music. It had a dramatic tone that seemed artificial.
I would have liked to hear from someone out in the rain (or taking cover from it).
I think people want to see videos like this. It doesn't just say "It rained", but instead answers the question "How much was it raining?"

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