Youth League Begins (view this story)

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Peter Huoppi June 2, 2012, 7:34 a.m. permalink

This does a nice job of capturing the sights and sounds of opening day on the field. I'm glad to see that you turned it around in less than a day. I'd like to see you turn the camera away from the field to capture some more of the atmosphere. I can hear the parents and coaches cheering, let me see them. What else was going on that day. Was there any pre-game ceremony? What was happening in the stands? The concession stand? The dugout? I expect to see pictures of kids swinging bats and throwing balls, show me something that I don't expect.
A couple of technical notes on Soundslides: I'm glad that you identified the speakers in the text, but I'd like to see that text size a little bigger. I missed the first one or two names. You could use the 'lower third' feature instead of the caption to show the names.
Try to blend your audio pieces a little better. Rather than fading in and fading out, try to blend them together smoothly with a crossfade. What were you using to record audio? What software did you use to edit the audio?
One other thing is that I like slideshows where the audio and the pictures match up. When I hear someone, I like to see them at least once. It's a difficult juggling act with a camera and a recorder, but try to get sound that matches your pictures and vice versa.

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Cory Dellenbach June 6, 2012, 7:58 p.m. permalink

Peter thank you very much for the advice. To record audio I am using a RCA VR5220 digital voice recorder (nothing fancy, but it gets the job done) and to edit the audio I use audacity. Still learning that program.
I just put together another slideshow on strawberry picking and used 'lower third' in that one like you suggested and I like the look of it much better than 'caption.'

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